'Please Don't Take My Man!' Michigan 2-Year-Old Impresses Dolly Parton with Her 'Jolene' Rendition

Sophia Kingsley's performance of Dolly Parton's "Jolene"has captured the hearts of millions online

Soulful, sweet and just the right amount of sassy!

That’s how 2-year-old Sophia Kingsley’s mother describes her daughter’s performance of Dolly Parton‘s “Jolene” that’s captured the hearts of millions online.

“She’s been talking and singing since before she could walk,” Brooke Kingsley, 25, tells PEOPLE of daughter Sophia. “It’s incredible, she can hear a song once or twice and recall all of the lyrics.”

Sophia picked up Parton’s 1973 ballad from an episode of The Voice in November, when the 70-year-old country icon joined goddaughter and Voice coach Miley Cyrus for a stunning a cappella performance of her mega-hit.

“She loved it so much that she kept singing it for days,” says Kingsley . “I showed her the original Dolly version, and now she calls her ‘Princess Dolly!’ ”

The proud mama posted the video of her daughter singing to her Facebook page, where it’s garnered over 6 million views — and praise from Dolly Parton herself!

Kingsley says she and husband Jordan Kingsley, 25, were surprised when their toddler started singing the song in their Lansing, Michigan, home two months after she heard it.

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“Jordan was in a band for years and he’s been playing the mandolin, piano and guitar for her since she was born,” explains the mother “So she has a knack for music, but this was crazy!”

Brooke Kingsley

They were even more surprised when the Queen of Country took notice of Sophia.

“I couldn’t even believe Dolly tweeted out the video!” says Kingsley. “For it to get to her was amazing.

“We told Sophia and she was so excited, she goes, ‘Princess Dolly likes me!’ “

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