A dad is keeping track of his baby son's size by comparing him to his favorite food

By Jason Duaine Hahn
January 05, 2018 04:21 PM
Credit: Brad Williams

A father from Philadelphia started a hilarious new family tradition by measuring his son’s growth using a cheesesteak sandwich.

Back in 2015, when Brad Williams’s son, Lucas, was just a newborn, the new father was hit with an epiphany.

“It really happened by chance. My wife and I ordered take-out one night when Lucas was two weeks old,” Williams, 37, tells PEOPLE. “I quickly realized my son was about the same size as my cheesesteak, so I took a picture and posted it on Facebook.”

Credit: Brad Williams

Even though Williams’s wife thought it silly at first, friends and family found the picture hilarious, so, naturally, Williams took the opportunity to buy the signature Philadelphia delicacy every month—usually from Dalessandro’s Steaks, or Fatty’s and Jerzees in Glenside—to keep the gag going. And why not? The sandwiches are delicious, Williams says.

Credit: Brad Williams

“I moved to Philly with my wife in 2010 and quickly became a fan of cheesesteaks. I mean, it’s meat, cheese, onions and bread,” Williams says. “What’s not to love?”

Williams used his system, “Cheesesteak for Scale,” to measure the growth of his son throughout the first year of his life, and he would post the pictures on his Facebook page and blog, Strange Work, for all to see.

Credit: Brad Williams

But it took a whole year for Lucas to even try a piece of the sandwich that was by his side every month.

“On his first birthday we let him try some bites from a cheesesteak and he actually seemed to enjoy it!” Williams says.

Credit: Brad Williams

Fast forward a year later, though, and Lucas seemed to be less than excited about carrying on the tradition. In a video on Williams’s blog, Lucas is seen shaking his head and backing away from the cheesesteak when Williams tries to take a picture—he even pushes it off of the chair when dad places it next to him!

Credit: Brad Williams

Though Williams stopped the monthly pictures after Lucas’s first birthday, he hopes to continue the tradition yearly—but only time will tell if Lucas will be up for it when his third birthday comes along!

“Going forward we plan to take a Cheesesteak for Scale picture once a year on his birthday,” Williams says. “Should be fun to see how much he likes it when he’s a teenager!”