Person Wearing TV on Their Head Caught Leaving Old TVs on Porches in Virginia

The "TV Santa Claus" pulled off the same prank almost exactly one year ago in a nearby neighborhood

Man Wearing TV on His Head Caught Leaving Old TVs on Porches in Virginia
Photo: ABC6

Many residents of Henrico County, Virginia woke up to a bizarre gift on Sunday morning.

A man wearing an old television set on his head — yes, you read that right — was caught on several homeowners’ security cameras placing old box TVs on front porches. The TVs were positioned so that when the front door is opened, the person inside was facing the screen.

Homeowners and local police chalked up the mysterious “TV Santa Claus” to a bored prankster, who managed to pull off his strange delivery to more than 50 homes, according to the local CBS station WTVR-TV.

Police worked with the Solid Waste Division to remove the TVs from the residents’ porches and did so in “just over an hour,” Henrico Police Lieutenant Matt Pecka told the outlet — a move that homeowners were grateful for.

“Nobody should have to now go to the dump, pay the $3 and have to dispose of someone else’s garbage,” local Jim Brooksbank told the station.

While Brooksbank said he found some comedy in the seemingly random delivery, he also found it a little pointless.

“It’s sort of funny… He wants to be known as the TV Santa Claus, I don’t know,” he said. “I can’t think of any technology or political point that would be valid here. It’s just a senseless prank.”

“It’s summer, and people are getting ready to go back to school. Maybe ‘TV Man’ was just ready to strike and put a little humor in our lives,” Brooksbank added.

But this peculiar story has a plot twist: this isn’t the first time the TV-wearing delivery person has struck Henrico County.

In August of 2018 — almost exactly one year ago — residents in another community woke up to old TVs on their front porches.

Last year, the vintage tubes were found at about 20 homes in the Grey Oaks neighborhood, WTVR-TV reported.

Despite the oddity, it’s unclear whether any crimes have actually been committed. Nonetheless, police are encouraging any residents who spot wayward television sets to call the Henrico County department.

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