Authorities believe the well had been covered with wood flooring and no subfloor or well cap while previous owners were renovating the home in 1981

By Joelle Goldstein
June 29, 2020 01:05 PM
The hole in the floor to the well
| Credit: Guilford Fire Department

A Connecticut resident is lucky to be alive after they fell through the flooring of a home and into a 30-foot well while helping a friend move into their new place.

The Guilford Police Department said Sunday's incident could've turned out very differently if not for the Guilford Fire Department, who responded to the scene and helped retrieve the victim from the well.

"Yup you read that correctly!" the police department wrote on Facebook. "This situation could have ended with a fatality but due to the extreme professionalism and capabilities of Guilford Fire Department, everyone went home safely tonight."

Authorities said the incident occurred while a new tenant was moving into the Guilford home, which was built in 1843.

The well
| Credit: Guilford Fire Department

"A friend [of the new tenant] fell through the floor into the abyss of a 20-30ft well, splashing into extremely cold water that was well over the victim’s head," the police department wrote.

The Guilford Fire Department confirmed on their Facebook page that they were called to the scene shortly after for a report of a fall victim.

By the time they arrived and performed the successful rope rescue operation, the victim had been treading water for close to 25 minutes, according to the police and fire departments.

The hole in the floor leading to the well
| Credit: Guilford Fire Department

Luckily, the person had only suffered minor injuries from the traumatic fall — something the police credited to the fire department's swift actions.

"This was no ordinary fall and luckily Guilford Fire is no ordinary agency!" they said, noting that the victim was later transported to a local hospital to be checked out by medical professionals.

Authorities believe that when the house was built in the 1800s, the well was outside. However, in 1981, the then-owners had a renovation and addition completed on the home.

At some point, police said they covered the well with "simple wood flooring and no subfloor or well cap."

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"It is important to note that some of these older, historical homes may have hazards that were not upgraded by [the] current code," the police explained, before praising the fire department once more for their heroic efforts.

"Well done GFD!!!" they wrote. "Couldn’t be more proud of the work you do day in and day out for Guilford and surrounding towns ❤️💚💙"