Gianna DiAngelo was surprised with the massive tip while working her shift at Anthony's at Paxon in Broomall, Pennsylvania

By Jason Duaine Hahn
December 29, 2020 03:33 PM

A young waitress was shocked when she was gifted a massive tip by a group of anonymous diners at a country club ahead of the holidays earlier this month.

Gianna DiAngelo was working her shift at the restaurant Anthony's at Paxon in Broomall, Pennsylvania, on Dec. 12 when a group of generous customers left her a whopping $5,000 tip. Their bill, WPVI reported, was only $205.94.

DiAngelo — a freshman nursing student at Widener University — said the extra cash was a big surprise.

"I'm just happy with anything," she told the news station. "So when they were saying $5,000, I just couldn't even believe it."

DiAngelo said she would use the money to pay for her schooling. She also plans on doing something to bring a smile to others.

"I'm going to put that money away toward college and pay it forward to do something good for other people," she added.

The restaurant also celebrated the surprise by praising the diners in a social media post later that day.

"We have no words other than THANK YOU!!," the restaurant wrote in a Facebook post. "Unbelievable support for our staff here!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!"

"Thank you for helping our staff get though the holidays!!" the message continued. "We LOVE and APPRECIATE you ALL!! We have the best community around!!"

The kind act resonated with many on social media who appreciated a positive story during a time of hardship in the country amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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"What an incredible, amazing gift!" wrote one Facebook user. "Given the tough times those in the industry are facing it warms your heart to see someone do something so incredibly generous!"