November 14, 2015 01:40 PM

In the wake of what officials describe as six coordinated attacks in Paris Friday night that left at least 129 people dead, some of the world’s most notable landmarks and other civic and commercial locations lit up in colors of blue and white and red – in “solidarité” with France.

Countries as far flung as Australia, Brazil and China participated in what became an apparently spontaneous, global show of support.

The Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro lit up, as did Sydney’s town hall and the Sydney Opera House, in Australia, and the Sky Tower in Auckland, New Zealand, according to photos and social media messages.

The CN Tower in Toronto lit up – and One World Trade Center in New York City, the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai, Taipei 101 in Taiwan, and the Angel of Independence in Mexico City, among others.

[IMAGE “1” “” “std” ]The tip of the Empire State Building, however, went dark, in an act of mourning with the victims, a spokesperson told BuzzFeed (a move echoed by the Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas).

When the National Anthem played during a Washington Capitals hockey game, the ice rink lit up.

“Tonight our thoughts are with Paris,” the team tweeted.

The world is coming together in other ways: Social media users are sending messages with the hashtags #PorteOuverte (“open door”) and #strandedinUS, offering their homes to people in need.

The French Red Cross is also accepting donations.

Facebook also turned its Safety Check feature, which lets users tell friends and family know that they are okay.

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