A new ad dives into the past to look at how black parents deal with talking to their children about growing up in America.

There are a series of “talks” that mothers will have with their children at different points throughout their life. There may be conversations centered around dating, sex and drugs. But, for mothers of children of color, there will be a separate series of talks that focus on surviving and responding to the racism they will face in America.

In a new ad from Proctor & Gamble called “The Talk,” the company takes a look at the different conversations black mothers may have with children in order to prepare them for when they become the target of racial bias.

The commercial presents a collection of scenes spanning the last century—in it, a black mother tells her young daughter that being told she was “pretty for a black girl” was not a compliment; another mother reminds her teen son to grab his ID just in case “they” stop him; and a woman advises her adult daughter about what to do “when” she gets pulled over.

The ad’s female actors evoke intense pain and sadness in their portrayals, seemingly drawing from a sea of their own real-life experiences.

This emotional ad has struck a chord online:

The spot was created by BBDO New York for Proctor & Gamble’s “My Black Is Beautiful Campaign,” which was formed 10 years ago by a group of black women at the company. The team is using the hashtag #TalkAboutBias to promote conversations around the topic, and it is their hope that by sparking a national conversation about “the talk,” there may come a day when there won’t be a need to have it.