Parents said their young daughters were thrilled to see someone who looks like them take on such an important role

By Rachel DeSantis
January 21, 2021 04:38 PM

Watching Kamala Harris be sworn in as vice president was history-making for the United States — but for thousands of young girls, it was also confirmation that no dream is out of reach.

As Harris was inaugurated on Wednesday in Washington, D.C. as the first woman, first Black person and first person of Asian descent to hold the office, parents across the country made sure their daughters were watching.

Retired NFL player Torrey Smith shared a sweet photo of his daughter Kori, 2, happily holding up her hand just as Harris did on screen during her swearing-in. Kori wore a shirt that read, "My VP Looks Like Me."

"I'm so excited for my daughter!" Smith wrote on Instagram. "Anything is possible but it's different when you see it!"

Torrey smith's daughter
Torrey Smith and daughter Kori
| Credit: Torrey smith/ instagram; Paul Morigi/Getty

Twitter user Michelle Young also shared a photo of her daughter and her niece both wearing the same shirt as Kori.

"This is my daughter and my niece watching Kamala being inaugurated! Their t shirts say: "My VP looks like ME Proud Brown Skin Girl" she wrote.

For many, the moment was an emotional one; one Twitter user — who said the day brought tears to their eyes — shared a photo of their 5-year-old daughter in a shirt that featured the Harris quote: "While I may be the first woman in this office, I will not be the last."

"She looks up to Kamala & to see a woman who looks like her achieve so much is so powerful and important to little girls of color all over this country!" the user wrote. "I'm so proud to be an American!"

Another Twitter user had a similar reaction as their school-age daughter watched the day's ceremony.

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"Today my 7 year old watched as VP Kamala Harris took office. I told her who she was. She smiled and said she is brown like me," the tweet said. "Yeah, that got ya boy. I [bawled] because I didn't realize how much my daughter needed to see this."

The reaction was similar to one shared by Mindy Kaling, who posted a photo of her 3-year-old daughter Katherine "Kit" Swati watching from the couch as Harris, 56, took the oath of office.

"She said. 'Is that mommy? It looks like mommy.' Best compliment I ever got! It matters. Happy Inauguration everyone," Kaling captioned the post.

Many parents tagged the newly minted vice president on Twitter with messages of support and pride.

"Kamala, I have daughters of mixed race and my wife and I are so ridiculously happy and proud to see an AMAZING woman for Vice President!" Twitter user Donta Lamonte Barker wrote. "Our girls have the absolute best example and role model to look up to! I can't thank you ENOUGH!!! We love you and Congratulations!"

Added another: "Three women just sat on my couch and watched @VP Kamala Harris take the oath. My immigrant mother, myself and my 4 year old daughter. I never thought I would see the day."

Harris made her first appearance as vice president during the Celebrating America TV special on Wednesday night, offering brief remarks on what she referred to as "American Aspiration."

"This is what President Joe Biden has called upon us to summon now. The courage to see beyond crisis. To do what is hard. To do what is good. To unite," she said. "To believe in ourselves. Believe in our country. Believe in what we can do — together."