Paraplegic Man and Fiancée Who Went Viral with Unexpected Pregnancy Announcement Welcome Baby Boy

Amanda Diesen and Todd Krieg, who is paralyzed, went viral with their February pregnancy announcement, declaring, "It still works!"

Amanda Diesen and Todd Krieg’s pregnancy announcement spread across the Internet last year when Krieg, who is paralyzed below the chest, declared that “It still works!” Now, the couple is opening up about life with their new little one, 5-month-old Everett Jason.

“Parenting with Todd is both fun and challenging. I’m thankful Todd is supportive and loves our son so much,” Diesen tells PEOPLE. “We are both thankful he’s able to hold our son, feed him and occasionally change a dirty diaper!”

Krieg became paralyzed after a dirt bike accident in 2014 and can’t feel anything below his chest. Diesen and Krieg didn’t think they would ever be able to conceive naturally, so when she became pregnant last year, they decided to commemorate the occasion with a special announcement.

Amanda Diesen

Diesen, 26, and Krieg, 24, posed for the announcement with the words “It Still Works” written in chalk behind them. And, during the silly shoot, Krieg proposed.

Amanda Diesen

Little Everett, nicknamed Rhett, was born on Aug. 4, and Diesen says motherhood is “tough but rewarding.”

“It’s tough though because Todd can’t help out physically as much as we would both like,” she tells PEOPLE. “A father in a wheelchair had told Todd before that he probably wouldn’t even be able to hold our child, so we’re glad that was quickly proven wrong on day one.”

Kayla Duffin

“Sometimes during the night it would be nice if Todd could tend to our crying child, but unfortunately Todd can’t. If Rhett is crying and upset, he typically likes to be picked up and rocked or bounced, Todd unfortunately can’t do that.”

Still, she says Todd is an amazing father who would like to do more, and does his best to provide emotional support.

“I know in times that I’m struggling with our child, Todd would love to step in and help more physically,” she says.

Amanda Diesen

Along with caring for their new little one, Diesen and Krieg are busy planning their wedding. They are expected to wed on Oct. 27, 2018 and Diesen says Rhett will be the ring bearer.

“He should be walking by then!” she says, before gushing about her new son. “Rhett’s belly laugh is my favorite! Rhett really is a good baby, he only really cries if he wants something. He loves being entertained, he doesn’t really like to just sit still, so we’re always busy pretty much.”

As for Krieg, he says being a father to little Rhett has inspired him.

“My favorite thing is hanging out with him and making him laugh and smile,” he tells PEOPLE. “Or feeding him, that really calms me down for some reason. If I’m stressed or mad and I start feeding him, it all seems to go away.”

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