Sara Conchieri 
February 14, 2018 03:19 PM

A Vermont woman who was left paralyzed from her waist down a year ago after falling in her home is feeling love from all around the world this Valentine’s Day.

It was just before Christmas in 2016 when Sara Conchieri tripped on her dog, fell down the stairs and was left paralyzed, according to WCAX. Her fiancé, Dan, was planning to propose when they went on vacation in Mexico during the holidays.

On Christmas night, she looked at him and said, “Are you going to stay with me through everything?”

“And when he proposed, he just said, ‘Of course I’m going to stay with you through everything,’ ” she told the outlet.

Fast forward to today and Conchieri — who has spent every major holiday in the hospital since the accident — was trying to think of a way to brighten up her dull hospital room at Fanny Allen in Colchester, Vermont.

“During a recent visit, we discussed the white, institutional-like walls in the room that will be her home for quite some time,” her friend, Kris Boyd, wrote on Facebook. “How could we change that, we wondered? How could we make it feel more warm, more welcoming? More like Sara.”

Boyd said she told him how she’s hoping to get some Valentine’s Day cards to brighten her space. “She said they’d be like little blessings to hang around her room,” he added.

Boyd, who says his friend is “funny, kind and a caring pal,” wrote a post on Facebook asking people to send her cards, and by the next morning, the post had been shared hundreds of times. And the Valentine’s Day cards came pouring in.

Described as “the person who’ll surprise you with a dozen fresh eggs, fresh cut flowers or a sweet compliment to start your day,” it now feels like her full-time job opening up all of the letters, the news outlet reports. 

“It just went crazy from there,” she says.

The letters, which have come as far away as Amsterdam, are now scattered throughout numerous rooms on the hospital floor.

Her fiancé told NBC5 that he knew they’d get a huge shipment of cards.

“Sure enough, there’s about a million in here,” he said.

Conchieri, who hopes to one day walk again, said: “I’ve read every single card and every single message so there’s a lot of people cheering me on and believing in miracles like I believe in a miracle.”

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