"It’s more [about] caring for someone and actually being sincere and thinking about someone’s day," Kyle Smith, the delivery driver, said of the thoughtful gesture

By Benjamin VanHoose
December 24, 2019 12:35 PM
Kyle Smith and Sarah Barnes
Courtesy Sarah Barnes and Kyle Smith

A simple act of kindness went a long way in making the day of one delivery driver earlier this month.

Kyle Smith, 25, works three part-time jobs, including one delivering Amazon packages during the heightened holiday parcel season. According to Today, it’s not unusual for the man to deliver more than 200 boxes a day.

During his shift on Dec. 12, Smith got a burst of joy when he noticed one Murfreesboro, Tennessee, household had left a display of snack offerings for hard-working delivery workers — so much so that he broke into an infectious dance.

“I was so focused on the snacks, and I was so hungry. I was in my happy dance,” he told Today, unaware that his excitement was captured on a Ring doorbell camera. “I was like, ‘Thank you, God.’ “

Last week, Smith was introduced to the thoughtful homeowner who left the treats, Sarah Barnes.

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Barnes said she got the idea after seeing other people online leaving care packages for delivery drivers. And the snack offerings were mostly of the children’s variety because that’s what the mom had on-hand at the time.

“One of my friends was kind of picking on me … saying, ‘They’re gonna know you have kids because those are all kiddie snacks,’ ” she told Today.

But the Capri Sun juice pouches that she provided turned out to be the most exciting part of the gesture for Smith. In the video, he’s audibly gleeful about the juice, dancing and laughing about the snacks on his way back to his delivery truck.

“I hadn’t seen one [a Capri Sun] since fifth grade — it brought me back to middle school,” he said. “… It shows that the smallest act of kindness can bring you out of a tough situation.”

The two say they now share a bond built on spreading kindness and paying it forward.

“I really want for everyone to understand it’s bigger than snacks,” Smith said. “It’s more caring for someone and actually being sincere and thinking about someone’s day.”