Over Half of Americans Are Already Shopping Online for the Holidays — Because They're Bored!

Half of the respondents polled in a new survey said they will have already started shopping for the holidays by October

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Deck the halls — a little early! Half of Americans are already online shopping for the holidays because they’re bored at home, according to new research.

A study conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Affirm asked 2,000 Americans how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected their holiday plans and shopping habits.

As their days at home drag along, 47 percent of respondents shared they’re taking their extra time to get a head start on their holiday shopping. In fact, half of the respondents will have already started shopping for the holidays by October.

Of those polled, 15 percent, had already started their holiday shopping in August.

And as respondents are thinking about their holiday spending, they’re also having to think about their holiday travel plans.

Seventeen percent of respondents still plan on traveling this holiday season, and of these respondents, 21 percent will spend more on their travel than they did last year.

However, 41 percent of those surveyed said they were planning to travel for the holidays this year but have canceled their plans.

Three-quarters of these respondents also shared that they’re planning to use the money they would have spent traveling this year to purchase more gifts for their loved ones.

Regardless of their travel plans, nearly half of those surveyed said they will do their holiday shopping online this year.

Respondents also shared that as they’re shopping earlier and buying more gifts, 27 percent plan on buying more apparel and accessories this year than they did last year.

A quarter of respondents also said they plan on purchasing more electronics for the holidays this year.

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And about seven in 10 respondents said they’re more likely to buy something on sale now, rather than waiting for the traditional Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales.

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