"My message today is: Love your bother, love your neighbor. Don't judge them," Greg Zanis said

By Adam Carlson
Updated June 18, 2016 02:30 PM
Credit: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

“An example of what it means to lead with love.”

That’s what people are saying about Greg Zanis, an Illinois man who traveled more than 1,000 miles from his home to Orlando, Florida, in the wake of a mass shooting at an LGBT nightclub there last week.

He brought with him 49 crosses – one for each of the gunman’s victims.

Zanis reportedly erected the crosses outside Orlando Health Medical Center, and brought markers so that resident could leave messages on the crosses, which were named for the victims.

He signed each cross himself, too.

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“My message today is: Love your bother, love your neighbor. Don’t judge them,” Zanis told CBS Miami.

Zanis said he also brought crosses to Newtown, Connecticut, following the 2012 mass shooting at an elementary school.

His contribution has not gone unnoticed, drawing viral videos and many thanks, including from Florida Gov. Rick Scott.

“Thank you, Greg,” Scott tweeted on Friday.