Mountain Lion Takes Over Oregon Woman's Living Room for More Than Six Hours

When a mountain lion entered her living room earlier this month, Oregon woman Lauren Taylor wasn't scared

When a mountain lion entered her living room earlier this month, Oregon woman Lauren Taylor wasn’t scared.

In a Facebook post, Taylor detailed the surreal, six-hour encounter, writing that the animal entered her Ashland home through an open back door.

“The room has huge plants & stairs built around real tree branches, so she likely didn’t even realize she was walking indoors until she was inside,” wrote Taylor. “She immediately tried to leave through a closed window, became frightened when someone screamed, and hid behind the sofa.”

Taylor claimed the mountain lion eventually took a nap, remaining for several more hours before eventually walking out of the home through the open doors and back into the empty field behind her house.

Alongside the post, Taylor shared a series of photos and videos of the cougar.

Taylor did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for additional comment.

So how did Taylor remain calm throughout the entire ordeal? She claimed she and the mountain lion formed a telepathic connection, allowing her to communicate “using feline-speak eye blinking” with the animal.

Taylor said the animal eventually exited her home because she “sent telepathic pictures of the routes out of the house.”

Taylor said that she has “extensive experience working with energy and animals” and hoped that the mountain lion would “stay safely in the hills to enjoy a long life as a wild and healthy lion.”

The Oregonian warned that people who interact with cougars should try to seem larger than the animal and should make noise to encourage the animal to leave the area. The outlet said that the animal could interpret a person fleeing to be prey.

The Mountain Lion Foundation also encourages homeowners clear brush and shrubs from the backyard, which can help establish a limit between wild areas and domestic areas.

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