Husband Uses 8 Billboards to Praise Wife— and Men Assumed He 'Was in the Dog House'

One husband from Oklahoma has taken love notes to the next level!

One devoted husband from Oklahoma has put the pressure on other husbands near his home in Tulsa after he used a series of billboards to publicly display his adoration for his wife.

Josh Wilson originally bought a series of billboards to promote his sprinkler installation company, Living Water Irrigation, but soon decided the money he spent on them wasn’t doing much for his business. With eight billboards at his disposal, Wilson decided that instead of continuing to promote sprinkler installation and repairs, he’d turn the attention to the love of his life.

Soon, Wilson adorned the billboards with a single message to his wife of five years. Gigantic letters stretching from one side of the cloud-filled sign to the other read, “Amy, I love you more!”

“I decided I wanted to tell the world and tell my wife how much I love her in front of everybody,” Wilson told KOKI, according to WOIO.

“She tolerates me and lets me build this little company and lets us have fun,” he added. “It’s the least I could do to tell her I love her.”

To make sure Amy knew it was him — and that no one else with a significant other named “Amy” could attempt to take credit for the messages — Wilson kept the logo of his company in the lefthand corner of the sign.

Josh Wilson
Fox 23

Such a public display of affection could lead people to suspect Wilson was trying to atone for something, but he said that was far from the case.

“I wasn’t in any trouble,” he told KOKI, according to KGO-TV. “Every guy who has called me thought for sure I was in the dog house and in trouble, and I just for sure simply wanted to tell my wife that I loved her.”

“I’m just in love with my wife,” he continued.

But other husbands in the area are now feeling the pressure to do something spectacular for their wives as well — and they have no problem “thanking” Wilson for raising the bar.

“A lot of text messages and a lot of phone calls from friends saying, ‘Thanks a lot, buddy. Now I have to do something,’ ” he told KOKI. “So, that’s always good. As long as I can make my wife feel good for all that she does for me and my family, it was a joy to do so.”

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