Durant Fire Department Holiday Card 2017
Richard Parker/Durant Fire Department
December 14, 2017 05:35 PM

The babies are back!

Firefighters at an Oklahoma department made headlines last year with an adorable Christmas card featuring six of their little ones — born within six months of each other. Now, the babies are all 1 year old and ready for their closeups again.

“It was like a zoo around here trying to get [the babies] on the same page,” Durant firefighter Cliff Wilson tells PEOPLE. “The first year, they were all infants … this year it was a challenge. The photographer, Richard Parker, he is a firefighter, he had a whole lot of patience.”

In the end, the families got the perfect shot.

Gus, Nash, Brevyn, Owen, Mitchell and Ava sat perched on the front of a fire truck in matching outfits. Department officials shard the photo on Facebook, writing, “We have done a lot of growing this year! From our family to yours, have a wonderful and safe holiday season.”

Durant Fire Department Holiday Card 2016
Durant Oklahoma Fire Department

Although the photo showed the children sitting still and quiet, Wilson says that was no easy feat.

“It was a nightmare,” he tells PEOPLE. “There were mamas in the background clapping and waving their arms and acting like complete idiots to try to get all the kids to not cry and to laugh.”

He adds: “You got six babies trying to crawl off.”

Durant Fire Department Holiday Card 2016
Durant Oklahoma Fire Department

It’s always shocking when friends have kids around the same time, but what happened at the Durant Fire Department was “nuts,” Wilson, 36, adds.

“It was a crazy deal for all the wives to be pregnant at one time,” he says, noting that all six of the 33 firefighters were expecting last year. “It was amazing. It was really unique that six families were having babies all in just a few months of each other.”

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Wilson says it was the fire chief’s wife who came up with the idea for the baby-filled DFD Christmas card. He tells PEOPLE that they may end the holiday tradition this year, but the firefighters and their families have all enjoyed the excitement.

“The moms were all thrilled to do this. They think it’s cute and fun,” Wilson says. “We’re pretty tight with each other, everybody gets along really good. We’re ust all a really big family.”

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