The Durant Fire Department of Oklahoma staged its Christmas card this year with six of its squad's newborns.
Credit: Durant Oklahoma Fire Department

It’s pretty wild when friends have kids around the same time. It’s even more of an occasion when it’s six of them, and they’re all part of the same fire department.

But that was the case with the Durant Fire Department of Oklahoma. The squad is small to begin with — just 33 people — and so they decided to take advantage of their unique situation for this year’s Christmas card.

Credit: Durant Oklahoma Fire Department

Owen, Augustus, Mitchell, Ava, Nash and Brevyn were all born between February and June 2016, and all star in the DFD’s Christmas card this year.

“In a fire department there are so many things that make up the dynamic of an engine crew, certain shift, or even the department as a whole,” the DFD wrote to KABC. “Training, shift duties, trauma, medical calls, wrecks, rescues, structure fires and brush fires are some of the many things that fire departments are called to do and in many cases, tend to define who they are as a fire department.”

Credit: Durant Oklahoma Fire Department

“However, if you ask many of the fire fighters in Durant, OK what defines them; they will say brotherhood and family. That is why when this small paid department of 33 looked back on the year and saw that 6 of their brothers had newborn babies, it was time to show the public what was at the core of their department. Instead of sending out the traditional Christmas card with a photograph of the guys in front of the station, it was decided that it would be great to personalize the cards and showcase what was really important to them. Family. Here are some shots from the department’s new additions.”

One of the station’s firefighters and paramedics, Richard Parker, decided to put his photography background to good use to shoot the session. The DFD says they’re already planning a follow-up to the session, albeit one with a little lag time: They want to do a senior photo at the station when the kids graduate high school.