Claire Short
March 15, 2017 05:21 PM

Meet Claire Short and Joran Fuller — the high school couple putting all other “promposals” to shame.

Claire, 16, and her boyfriend Joran, 17, met during their gym period at Findlay High School in Findlay, Ohio. Both are long-distance runners — Claire does track, while Joran prefers cross country.

They’ve only been dating for two weeks, but that didn’t stop Joran from coming up with a seriously epic way to invite his girlfriend to the prom.

On Friday, he stopped by Claire’s house with flowers, breadsticks and popcorn (her favorite foods!) because she was feeling under the weather. He then asked her to pull up the running app Steva (that allows you to track a running route) where it showed his last 5.5 mile run along a route that spelled “Prom?”

“She’s so funny it’s the first thing I noticed about her,” Joran tells PEOPLE. “I knew she would appreciate it, and she did. She laughed at it and thought it was so cool with us both being runners. And then she gave me a hug!”

He adds, “I just wanted to do something cute for her!”

Claire posted a photo of the ultimate promposal to Twitter where it has garnered over 116,700 likes and 16,200 retweets.

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“The response has been so positive,” says Joran. “People think it’s cool and cute.

“Everybody keeps saying that I’ve changed the game of promposals, but that was never my intention.”

Claire Short

Joran says Claire, who was unable to interview with PEOPLE due to track practice, is one of the “smartest people” he knows.

“She’s also so nice and can get along with anybody,” he says. “We’ve only been dating two weeks, but I’m lucky!”

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