5 Staffers at Ohio Pediatrics Office Pregnant at the Same Time: 'They're Gonna Be Little Besties!'

There's a baby boom at Franklin Park Pediatrics in Toledo, Ohio!

Photo: Courtesy Franklin Park Pediatrics

An Ohio pediatrics office is experiencing a baby boom.

Five staff members at Franklin Park Pediatrics in Toledo are expecting babies — all within six months. Before the year’s end, Jessica Mielcarek, Anni Portocarrero, Meghan Keil, Kathy Krueger and Stephanie Holt will all welcome little ones.

“It was quite shocking at first, but we’re so super excited for them,” Jen Matuszewski, a spokesperson for the office, tells PEOPLE. “We’re adding five more patients! We have 23 staff members and five of the 23 are pregnant so it’s a lot. But it’s nice because they all have each other to turn to.”

Mielcarek, 28, was the first to announce her pregnancy and her June 12 due date. She says she was elated when she learned one by one that her colleagues were expecting too.

Courtesy Franklin Park Pediatrics

“It’s so much nicer than doing it alone,” she tells PEOPLE. “We have all supported each other and prepared each other for what’s happening next. It’s been very exciting.”

Portocarrero, a 29-year-old mom of one, was the second to break her pregnancy news. She is expecting to welcome a girl, Hattie Sophia, on July 16, and the nurse says the atmosphere in the office is supportive.

“You’d think the doctors would get a little annoyed that everyone is pregnant, but everyone’s been very happy and supportive,” she tells PEOPLE. “If I’m walking and I have my hand on my belly, one of the doctor’s will be like, ‘Are you okay?!’ You just feel very, very safe here.”

Courtesy Franklin Park Pediatrics

Keil, 32, is expecting to welcome a daughter, Emily Anne, on Aug. 12, and Krueger won’t be too far behind, welcoming her baby on Sept. 26. Krueger, 33, has chosen to keep her baby’s sex under wraps.

“This was really surprising for all of us. We all thought it was really fun that we’d all be going through this together,” she says. “I’m pretty close with a couple of the girls so we all joke around that [the kids] are all gonna be little besties!”

Courtesy Franklin Park Pediatrics

Holt is set to give birth to her daughter McKenzie on Nov. 15. The last to give birth, Holt says she’s lucky to have such a strong support system during her first pregnancy.

“Anything I need to ask anyone, I can just ask them!” she tells PEOPLE. “It’s crazy how it all worked out one month after another but it’s exciting that we’re all going through this together. I’m excited to share it with all of them.”

Matuszewski says the office staff has begun training two new employees to help out while the women are on maternity leave.

“So that way we’re covered and other babies are taken care of while our staff are having babies,” she tells PEOPLE.

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