'Oh My Gosh!': Huge Mako Shark Gets Stuck After It Jumps Onto Fishing Boat

Captain Don Law was surprised when he found out he had an unexpected passenger on his boat: a mako shark

A shocking video captures the moments after a huge mako shark jumped aboard a fishing boat and lodged itself between the vessel’s guard railing.

The footage shows the shark flailing wildly aboard Captain Don Law’s fishing boat as he sailed off the coast of Long Island, New York, on July 6, according to FOX13.

“He jumped on the boat,oh my gosh!” a passenger yells in the background as the video begins.

The shark violently shakes as it tries to make its way back into the water below, but its long dorsal fin keeps it from slipping back into the ocean. Captain Law and others on the vessel try to devise a plan to free the animal, and time is of the essence. As they speak, massive amounts of blood spill from the shark’s mouth.

The crew tied a rope around the base of the shark’s caudal fin and hooked its head with a fishing line to keep it looking to the ocean (and away from them). The video then cuts to the men—after having seemingly been able to squeeze the shark’s dorsal fin through the railing— lowering the shark into the water with the rope.

“It’s a huge mako,” a child says as the shark slowly dips back into the water.

“We just released a gorgeous mako,” another man says.

Captain Law operates Outlaw Fishing Charters out of Hampton Bay, New York. According to the Outlaw Fishing website, Law says hunting and fishing are his life, and he regularly posts photographs of the sharks caught during fishing his excursions.

But for one lucky shark that literally hopped aboard his ship, this lifelong fisherman was able to let free what would have been—at least on this day—too easy of a catch.

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