When Hilary Conway gave birth to her daughter, she was back in scrubs just 14 hours later to help deliver twins
Credit: Courtesy Hilary Conway

An obstetrician, who didn’t want to miss out on the birth of her patient’s twins, stepped in to help deliver them just hours after she gave birth to her own baby.

Hilary Conway, an OB-GYN at Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic in Washington, gave birth to her second child—Verna Pearson—on the afternoon Dec. 12. While Conway was resting in her hospital room later that night, she received a text from her patient, Katie Moss, announcing she was in labor.

“Katie was my patient for close to a year before she was my OB patient, and she is someone I easily relate to,” Conway tells PEOPLE of Moss. “I think we bonded on a number of levels during this time prior to her becoming pregnant. We were close enough that I had given her my cell phone number which is not something that I give out frequently.”

Hilary Conway with her husband, son, and newborn daughter
| Credit: Courtesy Hilary Conway

Conway didn’t see the text until past midnight, so she checked the nurse’s station to see if Moss had been admitted—that’s when she found out that not only had her patient arrived, but she was in the room right next door to hers.

“It wasn’t until I was admitted and waiting for the anesthesiologist that one of the nurses told me that they were putting me in the room next door to Dr. Conway! I couldn’t believe my ears!” Moss tells PEOPLE. “At first I felt bad because I knew that she had her baby and I had hoped my earlier text and screaming through contractions wasn’t waking her up!”

Conway—who had been worried about missing her chance to welcome the twins into the world—immediately walked in to give her support to Moss.

“I was very saddened to think I might not be there to deliver her. My due date was one month prior to hers,” Conway recalls. “At our last clinic visit before my scheduled induction of labor on Dec. 12, we both expressed sadness that I would likely not be there for the delivery.”

Since Moss was only a stone’s throw away, Conway knew there was no way she could miss the big moment. After feeding her newborn and leaving her in the care of a staffer, Conway prepped for the delivery and took over ultrasound duties.

Katie Moss with her husband and newborn twin boys, who were delivered 14 hours after Conway’s daughter
| Credit: Katie Moss

“I was hoping to see her maybe the next day but not so soon and so awake!” Moss recalls. “She looked completely normal unlike she just had a baby half-a-day earlier!”

The Moss twins arrived during the early morning hours of Dec. 13—Luke at 4:50 a.m. and Soren at 5:38 a.m.—just 14 hours after Conway gave birth to little Verna.

“It was awesome to be there for the delivery, it’s always a bummer to miss them. Being a healthcare provider is such a huge privilege. Patients trust us with so much, and in OB-GYN, this is magnified,” Conway says. “As doctor and patient, we go through so much together during the pregnancy, it’s a huge disappointment to miss the delivery. So, as soon as I realized that delivering Katie was feasible, I was beyond thrilled for the privilege of being there.”

The twins have been discharged from the NICU this week, and are home and very healthy, Moss says. She feels lucky to have them under the same roof, finally, though sleep deprivation is starting to set in!

Credit: Courtesy Hilary Conway

As for Verna, Conway says she is doing great post-delivery and is filling out her onesies more and more every day. While looking back on that flurry of events, Conway insists it wasn’t as hectic as it seems. If she’s impressed with anything, it’s with her patient and the hospital staff who helped pull off the successful deliveries.

“The fact that I got to help Katie deliver twins makes the amazing experience of delivering my own daughter that much more special—if it’s even possible,” Conway explains. “Honestly, what I did is not that remarkable. What’s remarkable is how well the timing worked out and the support I got from my partner, Dr. Elizabeth Jacobson, and the nurses who watched Verna while I was in the delivery… and Katie. Let’s not forget she delivered twins, that’s much more amazing!”