Nothing Says 'Florida' Like an Alligator Stuck on an Airboat (VIDEO)

A tourist couple filmed an alligator trapped in the railing of their airboat while on vacation in Florida.

We’ve reached peak Florida.

Tylor Hindery and his wife Emerald were vacationing in the Sunshine state from their hometown of Springfield, Missouri, when they decided to take in an airboat ride, as is tradition in the state.

The tour took a turn for the terrifying when an alligator sunning itself on a nearby bank decided to leap onto their airboat, because alligators are irrational and terrifying living reminders that dinosaurs once walked the Earth.

Their guide had turned off the boat’s engine and drifted over to the shore for a closer look at the gator, with the warning “Don’t make no sudden moves, because —“

And that’s when the gator jumped.

All hell briefly breaks loose on the boat before the gator’s predicament becomes clear: He was a little too husky to make it through the railing on one side of the boat, and wound up getting stuck, wriggling his back legs around to free himself.

Eventually, he makes it back into the water and everyone calms down. Emerald, for her part, had the final word, commenting on Facebook, “Somehow, we held our beers.”

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