North Carolina Woman Tried to Convince DMV to Let Her Keep 'Fart' License Plate

"I tried 'fart' and saw it was available and I just had to have it," Karly Sindy told WJZY

A woman from North Carolina came up short in her effort to keep her humorous license plate, but she did not leave empty-handed.

Asheville resident Karly Sindy, 37, told FOX affiliate WJZY that she came across the perfect vanity license plate while re-registering her truck in October.

"I tried 'fart' and saw it was available and I just had to have it," Sindy told the news station.

A short time later, a license plate reading "FARTSM" showed up in the mail (the license plate design separated the last two digits from the first four, leaving "FART" appearing as its own word).

While Sindy said she installed the plate on her truck and thought she had gotten away with a clever idea, she soon received a letter from the DMV informing her that someone had complained. The DMV would allow Sindy to explain what the plate meant to her before deciding if they would revoke it.

That's when Sindy turned to the social network platform, Reddit, to ask people if people had any advice on what she should tell the DMV.

One commenter suggested she could tell the DMV that "FART" is actually an acronym for "Friends of Asheville Recreational Trails."

"After I received the letter I went on Reddit in r/Asheville asking for help in response to the letter," she said, according to WNYW. "Someone suggested 'Friends of Asheville Recreational Trails' and to build a website."

"I loved the idea because I love hiking, biking, and spending time outdoors," she added.

Sindy set up the website for "Friends of Asheville Recreational Trails," and then sent the DMV a lengthy letter with her explanation for the plate.

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Sindy said she even had 15 people come out to a FART meeting.

"Keep fighting the good fight," Kimmel told Sindy. "We are with you 100 percent."

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According to an update on the FART Twitter page, Sindy ultimately "lost the battle" with the DMV.

"Even though I don't get to keep the plate on my truck," Sindy wrote, "the dmv said I could keep it for official club business!"

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