"Today marks 30 days since our lives changed forever," parents of 12-year-old shark attack victim Kiersten Yow said in a statement
Credit: Kiersten Yow Support/Facebook

The 12-year-old girl who lost her arm when she was attacked by a shark on June 14 has been released from the hospital.

Kiersten Yow was in Oak Island, North Carolina, when the incident happened.

Over 16,000 people have been reading updates about her progress on her Facebook support page, and today, her doctor said in a written statement that she has made tremendous strides in her recovery.

“Kiersten will most certainly continue to improve in rehab, where she will focus on increasing her strength, balance, and range of motion and on learning how to use her left arm in her daily activities as efficiently and effectively as possible,” it read. “We expect great things of Kiersten and are anxious to follow her progress on the road to recovery.”

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Just three days ago, her family let the public know that their daughter is now using a cane to help support her as she rebuilds the strength in her left leg. She also was able to visit the game room at the hospital and has been practicing doing tasks, like tying her shoes with one hand.

Her parents also had a few words to say in the statement released today.

“As we prepare for next steps, we want to express how grateful we are to everyone at UNC. We’ve had up and down days, but we can’t say enough about how well we’ve been cared for as an entire family,” parents Laurie and Brian Yow wrote. “We arrived at UNC shell shocked and bewildered but leave Chapel Hill strong and optimistic about what lies ahead.”

They also wanted to again thank the public.

“This experience, though traumatic, has shown us the true kindness and generosity of the human spirit. Having friends and strangers alike rally behind Kiersten has made the experience easier and is something we will never forget!”