North Carolina Mom Who Finally Welcomed Baby Girl After Having 6 Sons Has Another Pregnancy Surprise!

Seventeen months ago the Lair family welcomed Ruby – the first girl in a family of all boys

It’s a boy — again!

The North Carolina mother of seven who has had people across the country laughing at her family’s adorable family videos, is pregnant again — with another boy.

Seventeen months ago, the Lair family welcomed Ruby – the first girl in a family of all boys.

Before she was born, her brothers were all dreading meeting their baby sister, lamenting to PEOPLE about all the pink they worried would take over their Apex, North Carolina, house.

Now though, mom Cher tells PEOPLE the boys love Ruby so much, they were hoping this latest pregnancy would be another girl.

Courtesy Lair Family
Thomas Ross photography

“Ruby has messed us all up. She reigns supreme. She’s at an age now where she’s funny and they’re all teaching her to say their names,” Cher says. “They love everything about her…they even love seeing what she’s going to wear every day. They think she hung the moon.”

The boys even had names picked out for the new baby. All girl names.

“They’re so crazy in love with Ruby that they wanted another one,” she says.

But this past weekend at a Super Bowl party, Cher, 38 and her husband Stephen, 39, did a gender reveal for all the boys and a big group of friends.

Courtesy Cher Lair

“My friend was the only one who knew and she got cans of silly string for all the kids at the party. She covered the cans with labels so we couldn’t see what color they were,” Cher explains.

They counted to three and the couple was bombarded with silly string — that was blue!

“It was in my eyes and in my mouth and all I could see was blue,” she says.

Thomas Ross photography

Lair says she’s happy about welcoming another boy into the family, and isn’t really all that worried about adding to an already big family.

Courtesy Cher Lair

“It’s just crazy to crazier. We are not normal or calm now!” she says

The stay-at-home mom says this may be the last baby for her and Stephen. Maybe.

“Sometimes we look at each other and say what are we doing? It’s crazy but it’s awesome,” she shares. “We were never like, let’s have 45 kids, we were just married, we’re in love. We like each other and we like the kids. It just kind of happened!”

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