September 12, 2016 05:40 PM

Noah Hansen has managed to keep a smile across his face despite enduring 1,600 seizures, two brain surgeries and more than a hundred doctors appointments within the first three years of his life.

“I am brave,” the now 5-year-old told KXII.

Diagnosed with epilepsy at just 4-months-old, the seizures began to happen daily.

“He’d have maybe three to 10 a day,” his mother, Mallory Hansen, said. “You couldn’t just leave like a normal person, like grab your diaper bag and let’s go, it’s grab the diaper bag, grab the three medicines, make sure you have enough syringes.”

Noah, his mother and father, Craig Hansen, moved from Durant, Oklahoma, to Houston, Texas, for tests and new medications at Texas Children’s Hospital, according to the news outlet.

But after nothing worked, they went to extreme measures and had Noah undergo a two-part brain surgery.

“They removed the portion of his brain that was producing the seizures,” Mallory said.

Since then, Noah hasn’t had a single one.

“We count it as a miracle,” Mallory said. “We always say he is a fighter, he’s been a fighter since day one.”

Adds Craig: “Before, he could hardly move because he was so tired all of the time, and now you can hardly get him to sit down.”

His surgery date is now a yearly celebration that they call “brainiversary” and while he is developmentally delayed, they still have reasons to celebrate.

Noah recently had his first normal post-surgery brain scan and is off of all of his medications.

“We just take it one day at a time and we know that there is no cure at this point, but he doesn’t let that stop him,” Mallory said.

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