New York Mom of 10 Welcomes Third Set of Twins: 'It's a Handful, But We Are Grateful'

Kimberly Alarcon and her husband welcomed their third set of twins, sisters Kenzy and Kenzley, in April

New York Mom of 10 Welcomes 3rd Set of Twins
Kimberly Alarcon and daughters Kenzy and Kenzley. Photo: 10andkim/Instagram

The more the merrier!

New York mom Kimberly Alarcon, 37, and her husband John Alarcon welcomed their third set of twins, sisters Kenzy and Kenzley, on April 25, Kimberly announced on social media last week.

"They are our last addition and made our tribe a solid 10," Kimberly wrote, noting that Kenzy is "3 minutes older than her little big sister."

While Kenzy was born 4 lbs., 15 oz., Kenzley was born 5 lbs., 9 oz.

"So far Kenzy is our milk guzzler," and Kenzley is enjoying "taking her place as the youngest and baby of our tribe" and absolutely "loves to be held," the proud mama shared.

The Alarcons are also parents to Brittney, 17, Sarah, 13, Hunter, 10, twins Zachary and Zoey, 6, and twins Oliver and Olivia, 4, according to Good Morning America. Additionally, they're fostering their 3-year-old nephew King.

New York Mom of 8 Welcomes 3rd Set of Twins
Twins Kenzy and Kenzley. 10andkim/Instagram

"We're still in awe, that's all I can say," the new mom, whose twins have all been conceived without fertility treatment, said during an interview with NBC New York.

Although twins run in her family, it's "highly unusual" to welcome "three sets of twins back-to-back without medication or any intervention," Dr. Angela Silber, the chief of maternal fetal medicine at Westchester Medical Center — where the girls were all born — told Today.

"It's pretty incredible," added Silber.

Kimberly and her husband always wanted to have a big family.

"Having a packed house is normal for me," she told Today, sharing that her mother had 10 biological children and adopted 8 more.

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In a candid social media post, Kimberly shared that her latest pregnancy was "difficult."

"Kenzy and Kenzley started their journey as a trio but unfortunately while at the doctor's office I miscarried," she wrote.

During her interview with GMA, Kimberly said that after taking a pregnancy test at home, they went to the doctor. "And after that, while in the doctor's office after she examined me and everything and she told us it was triplets, I went to the restroom and that's when I lost one," she said.

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Silber told GMA that these kinds of miscarriages "happen in about 20%" of triplet pregnancies.

"But she was fortunate that the other two girls grew very well and everything turned out just right," Silber added.

Although life as a family of 12 isn't without its challenges, it's also "full of love."

"It's a handful, but we are grateful," she told Today.

"We have good days, we have bad days, just like any other family," she added. "We just take it one day at a time."

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