New York Actor Says He Was 'Misquoted' After Sparking Outrage for Giving Mean Blind Date Review

New York actor Billy Peck has drawn the ire of the Twittersphere after giving his blind date, Alyssa, a pretty mean review

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A New York actor has drawn the ire of Internet users after giving his blind date a cringeworthy review — but the 24-year-old insists he was misquoted.

It all started when Billy Peck and Alyssa, a 24-year-old video production manager, headed out on a blind date as part of Time Out New York‘s Undateables series. In a scathing review published in the weekly magazine, Peck slammed his date for being five minutes late, ordering well-done steak and having ice cream for dessert. He also said he wouldn’t date her again and that she didn’t “have the goods.”

“Thank TimeOut for GROSSLY misquoting me to the point that I get hate mail!” Peck wrote in the comment section of the magazine’s Facebook post. “If you’re going to make up everything I say, then why even go?”

The response came as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram users took aim at the actor, criticizing him for his statements and calling him “rude,” “bitter” and “awful.”

In the article published earlier this week, Peck said he immediately knew he and Alyssa were not a good match when they met for a bite to eat.

“As soon as she walked into the room, I knew she wasn’t the girl for me,” he said. “She didn’t have the goods.”

He was sure to mention that Alyssa ordered her steak well done, saying, “I was like, ‘Live your life, but this is not Outback Steakhouse, girl.’ ”

As his critics weighed in, Peck took to his now-deleted Twitter account to clear his name.

“Hey ladies! It’s easy to think someone’s a d— when the magazine takes full artistic liberty with their words!” he wrote, according to a screenshot of the post. “GROSSLY misquoted! Awful!”

The rebuttal did nothing to quell the Twittersphere, though. One user wrote: ” ‘Billy’ doesn’t do himself any favors in this piece. He is everything that is wrong about men.”

Another person tweeted: “i love when men out themselves as being complete d—- via their responses in the undateables section of time out new york.”

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Time Out New York editor Jillian Anthony weighed in on the controversy in a pair of tweets, writing that Peck and Alyssa were simply not compatible.

“Thank you to this week’s Undateables for their brave participation! First dates are tough for everyone, and this one simply wasn’t a match,” she wrote.

“While we stand by our reporting, @timeoutnewyork reminds readers that this is a lighthearted column and to please respond with care.”

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