Inside the New Tech-Savvy Emergency Kit JUDY: Everything You Need to Know

Launching Tuesday, JUDY is collection of "ready for anything" kits and resource tools that can help individuals and families when they need it most

Emergency Kits
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Emergencies and natural disasters can happen without warning, but there’s a brand-new product on the market that can help people be more prepared than ever.

Launching Tuesday, Jan. 28, JUDY is collection of “ready for anything” kits and resource tools that can help individuals and families when they need it most.

“Over the last decade, I’ve witnessed close friends and family deal with emergencies across the country, from floods to fires to storm surges,” said Simon Huck, co-founder and CEO of JUDY.

“One common factor in all of their experiences was a fundamental lack of preparedness, a shared issue for more than 60 percent of Americans who don’t have a disaster plan in place,” Huck added. “I was inspired to help people proactively plan for emergencies by empowering them with tools and knowledge. JUDY is designed to help everyone prepare for the unexpected and make it as seamless as possible.”

Offered in four levels of “ready for anything” kits: The Starter ($60), The Mover ($150), The Mover Max ($180) and The Safe ($250), stocked with an assortment of products across emergency categories: first aid, warmth, safety, food, water and tools.

Each kit is customized by location, so the contents will based on the particular needs and risks of the specific household’s zip code. Year-round support also includes safety tips and advice via text. Plus, users can text their emergency questions for real-time responses and guidance.

“Planning ahead is one of the singular most important aspects of successfully navigating an emergency situation. It can be a daunting task, but having the right supplies in place and being ready for potential issues is critical,” said Soraya Sutherlin, certified emergency manager and emergency management director of JUDY.

“I started working with JUDY because I recognized the potential life-saving impact of expert-developed ‘ready for anything’ kits paired with educational resources,” she added. “The act of buying an emergency kit doesn’t keep you safe — knowing how to use it does.”

For more information on JUDY and to access the “ready for anything” kits, visit To learn more about JUDY and relevant safety tips, follow @readysetjudy on Instagram and Facebook.

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