New Non-Binary Emoji and Dozens of Others Are Now Available on Apple Devices

Users will have to update their Apple devices to the latest software in order to access the new emoji

New Emojis
Photo: Apple/Emojipedia

A collection of new emojis are now available in Apple’s latest update for iPhones.

The company released iOS and iPadOS versions 13.2 on Monday, which adds dozens of unique emoji to the devices. This update largely focuses on adding more inclusive-emoji, such as gender-neutral and disability-themed options.

The Unicode Consortium, a non-profit organization that oversees emoji standards across devices, first revealed the newly released emoji earlier this year. According to CNN, Apple consulted with organizations that represent people with disabilities before asking the Consortium to create this diverse set of emoji in 2018.

Some of the latest additions include an emoji of a deaf person, a service dog, a bionic arm, and a person in a wheelchair. There is also a “people holding hands” emoji that provides dozens of combinations with different skin tones, making it possible for couples from across the globe to find a symbol that represents their relationship.

A “drop of blood” emoji is also available thanks to a campaign by Plan International that requested a symbol that could be used to depict a woman’s period. According to a February report by NPR, Plan International believes that the emoji will help to break the “taboo” of menstruation around the world.

Unicode Consortium

“Not only would a blood drop emoji be relevant for hundreds of millions of women and people who menstruate all around the world, it would also show that periods aren’t taboo and they are something we should be able to talk about openly and honestly,” Plan International previously wrote in their proposal for the emoji.

To update to the latest software, open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad, find the General tab and click Software Update. This will take you to a new screen that will begin downloading the update.

According to Apple, the update is only available for iPhone 6S or later, and iPad Air 2 or later.

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