"You couldn't wish for two better policemen to arrive," the baby's father, Michael Jackson, said of Wood-Ridge Officers Mike Mueller and Rob Cangialosi

A New Jersey family is expressing their gratitude for two police officers who saved their newborn's life after he made his arrival inside his parents' bathroom.

Had it not been for Wood-Ridge Police Officers Mike Mueller and Rob Cangialosi, things might have turned out very different for Sasha and Michael Jackson and their newborn son Nico, WABC reported.

"You couldn't wish for two better policemen to arrive," Michael told the outlet after his son's birth.

The dramatic ordeal unfolded at the Jacksons' home around 2:30 a.m. on April 2, just two days before Nico's due date, according to WABC.

Sasha told the outlet that she started having contractions, which prompted Michael to quickly begin packing for the hospital. However, within mere minutes and just two pushes, Nico had entered the world in the couple's bathroom.

"The head I delivered myself," Sasha recalled to WABC. "The rest of the body, thankfully my husband was there for that."

"I think I let out the biggest scream ever," Michael told the outlet, with Sasha adding, "His scream was louder than any of my contractions!"

Following their baby's grand arrival, Mueller and Cangialosi showed up at the home and quickly recognized that Nico was in need of medical attention.

"The baby was actually still blue at the time," Mueller explained to WABC. "[I] wrapped him up in a blanket, [was] checking for a pulse... I asked my partner for a bulb syringe."

"A short time later, he gave us a little squeak," Mueller continued. "His color started coming through his body."

Not only did the police officers make sure the baby was breathing, but they also tied his umbilical cord with Michael's shoelace before helping Sasha and Nico get to a hospital, WABC reported.

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"They knew exactly what to do," Sasha told the outlet.

Days later, the officers — who are both fathers — returned to the Jacksons' home with gifts for Nico and his older brother, Luca, according to WABC.

Nico was gifted a baby police outfit, while Luca received a toy police car and got to sit inside Mueller and Cangialosi's real cruiser, the outlet reported.

With Nico and Sasha now at home, the officers said they will forever remember this special moment.

"As long as the family is healthy, baby is healthy, it's a good day for us," Cangialosi told WABC.