New Jersey Man Wins $250K in Lottery Just 2 Years After Winning $2M

Freddie Robinson is no stranger to good luck, having won the lottery multiple times

Freddie R two time New Jersey lottery winner
Photo: New Jersey Lottery

Freddie Robinson couldn’t believe his luck when the lottery made him a millionaire in 2017 — and was even more shocked to discover he’d struck it big once again this summer.

Robinson, of Newark, New Jersey, received not one, but two strokes of good luck from the New Jersey Lottery, the most recent of which was a winning ticket worth $250,000, reports.

A frequent player of the New Jersey Lottery Scratch-Off, Robinson decided to switch things up recently, and bought several games he doesn’t typically play, according to the New Jersey Lottery.

Though his first few tickets were a bust, the penultimate ticket set him on a hot streak, as it contained a $50 prize.

Lo and behold, the final ticket was worth even more: $250,000.

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He told lottery officials he was still in shock when he went to claim his prizes, which he purchased at C-Town Supermarket in Newark.

Robinson, in his early 60s, is no stranger to winning, as he won $2,000,000 on a $20 Platinum Diamond Spectacular Scratch-Off in July 2017.

“After scratching it, I said, I just won $200,00 and dropped the ticket on the floor,” he told NJ Lottery at the time.

Freddie Robinson
Freddie Robinson. New Jersey Lottery

He added that his brother picked up the fallen ticket and corrected him, pointing out it was actually worth way more.

Robinson said at the time he hoped to retire from his job as a furniture mechanic, but recently told lottery officials that he’d actually continued to work, and kept his prize in the bank.

He has also won other prizes over the years, including a $500 prize from a $1 instant ticket.

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