Oscar Suarez and Magdalena Devil are feared to be lost at sea after they rented a jet ski in Barbados and never returned
Oscar Suarez and Magdalena Devil
Credit: National Center For Missing and Endangered, Inc./Facebook

Oscar Suarez and Magdalena Devil, of New Jersey, arrived in Barbados for a romantic getaway over the weekend. Just days into their vacation, Suarez, 32, and Devil, 25, rented a jet ski. They haven’t been seen since.

“We have family members calling hospitals. No one’s answering the phone. We just know nothing,” Suarez’s sister, Susanna Cruz, told ABC News. “Please don’t stop looking. He has a daughter and son to come home to.”

Suarez and Devil were both wearing life jackets when they headed out to sea after renting the jet ski at Holetown Beach on the island’s western coast around 2:30 p.m. on Monday, the Royal Barbados Police Force said in a statement.

The operator who sold the watercraft to the couple became worried when they did not return after nearly 30 minutes, police said in the statement. The operator enlisted the help of coworkers to look for Devil and Suarez, but there were no signs of the couple.

They then contacted the police, who could not find the couple in the water, on the beach or even back at their hotel, according to the statement.

“I’ve been calling; I call and call the police, the U.S. Embassy in Barbados, they can’t provide me with any answers,” Suarez’s mother, Ninfra Urrutia, told ABC. “They haven’t called me back to let me know what I need to do or find out what’s going on with my son.”

The U.S. State Department did not immediately respond to a request for comment from PEOPLE.

Suarez has two children — Elias, 10, and Tatiana, 5 — from a previous marriage, the family told ABC. He and Devil have been together for about a year, Urrutia said.

Police said Suarez and Devil were expected to return home on Saturday.

“We just don’t even know what next step to take, I mean short of going there ourselves, looking for him,” Cruz told ABC through tears.

Cruz shared a photo of the couple on Facebook on Wednesday, writing that she and her mother were traveling to Barbados.

“On behalf of my parents and siblings, thank you all for your support and prayers,” she wrote. “We still need them.”