"He opened the door and said, 'Ladies, we have a flat tire,' " Angelique Arsenault tells PEOPLE

By Erin Hill
September 14, 2016 05:10 PM

New Hampshire bride Angelique Arsenault ended up having the perfect accessory on her wedding day: a hitchhiker’s thumb!

When her limo got a flat tire on the way to her wedding ceremony in Milford, Arsenault did what any determined bride would do – she hitched a ride to the venue.

“We were all surprisingly ready early for the wedding, waiting on the porch for the limo,” Arsenault, 29, tells PEOPLE. “When it finally came, we rushed in and got nearly five minutes down the road when the driver pulled over.

“He opened the door and said, ‘Ladies, we have a flat tire.’ We all just died laughing and popped another bottle of champagne!”

The good-spirited bride took matters into her own hands when she stood on the side of the road with her thumb in the air, hoping to catch a ride. One of her bridesmaids snapped the photo, which has since gone viral.

Angelique Arsenault
Angelique Arsenault

The impromptu move proved successful – the wedding party was saved by a fellow motorist.

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“A guy who lived nearby was kind enough to pull over and see what was going on. He picked up the bridal party and drove us to the venue. We ended up being 30 minutes late.

Jarrod Dunning and Angelique Arsenault
Danyelle DeLucia/Wildflower Photography

“We also had family members on the way to pick us up, but they were still en route when we were offered this ride,” Arsenault says.

Arsenault, a global systems manager, is currently enjoying her honeymoon in Maine with her new husband, Jarrod Dunning, a 31-year-old diesel mechanic. The couple, who met 11 years ago through a mutual friend, is shocked by the attention the photo has received.

Angelique Arsenault and Jarrod Dunning
Angelique Arsenault

“Never in a million years did any of us think this would happen,” Arsenault says.

As for her new husband, Angelique shares, “He said he wasn’t surprised I was still smiling and laughing [in the photo]. He didn’t even know we got a flat until five minutes before we got to venue. He thought we were typical ladies being fashionably late!”

Angelique Arsenault and Jarrod Dunning
Danyelle DeLucia/Wildflower Photography

And after all the excitement on her journey to say “I do,” Arsenault reveals her favorite moment of her big day was when she and her husband finally got to walk down the aisle together.

“Everyone was smiling ear to ear, knowing what just happened,” she says. “The flat tire made the whole experience a day to remember!”