Christian Musician's Wife Dies Hours After Giving Birth to Healthy Girl: 'They Were So in Love,' Says Friend

"Of course his baby girl is a wonderful gift, so there is a lot of joy, but then there is the deepest kind of sorrow," the couple's friend, Josh Wilson, tells PEOPLE

For seven blissful hours, Megan Johnson held and fed her newborn baby girl Eilee, who was born at 2:40 a.m., on Tuesday, June 27.

Beaming with excitement after a normal and uneventful delivery, she stayed up talking to her husband, Nathan Johnson, who is a guitar player for the Christian rock band Meaning Machine. But around 10 a.m., things unexpectedly took a turn for the worse when she started to have complications.

By 11 a.m., Megan, who was just 31 years old, was dead.

“Nothing was wrong before that,” Nathan’s good friend and bandmate, Josh Wilson, tells PEOPLE. “It was to the point [after the delivery] where their parents and grandparents said, ‘We’re going to go sleep, we’ll see you in the morning.’ ”

Josh Wilson

Megan, who received a heart transplant seven years ago, had come close to death in the past after being diagnosed with congestive heart failure. But after the successful delivery, Nathan took to Instagram to let everyone know that her heart had worked perfectly.

According to Wilson, doctors told her that getting pregnant wouldn’t be an issue, despite her condition.

“She had her yearly checkups and the doctors said you’re all good to get pregnant,” he says. “They monitored her very closely throughout the entire pregnancy and delivery and after. She had some wonderful doctors.”

While they don’t know her exact cause of death yet, Wilson says that they were told it wasn’t related to her heart.

Alyssa Sidebottom

Nathan has been surrounded by an “army of friends and family” following his wife’s sudden death.

“He’s up and down,” says Wilson. “Of course his baby girl is a wonderful gift, so there is a lot of joy, but then there is the deepest kind of sorrow because of Megan.”

“We Christians grieve with hope,” he adds. “We’ll see her again. We still grieve. It’s not easy, but the hope that we have is so important to this whole situation.”

Wilson says while he was at Nathan’s house on Thursday night, friends and family shared stories of Megan to honor her memory.

Thomas Dulin

He says she was a woman who loved people, Jesus, and was always smiling and laughing. She also couldn’t have been happier with Nathan — a musician who released a new album with a title that holds more meaning now than ever before: Wish You Were Here.

“They were so in love,” Wilson says. “I’ve never seen a husband brag about his wife as much as Nathan. If you look at his social media, half of his posts are about her. Their deep love for each other makes it that much harder.”

Wilson created a GoFundMe page that has since raised over $350,000 for Nathan and his baby Eilee, who was given the name Megan as her middle name after her mother.

As they all try to make sense of what happened, Wilson says Megan — whose funeral is on Sunday — will live on for many reasons.

“She was big on organ donation,” he says. “Her plan was to donate everything. Her eyes are going to help two blind people see and the rest of her organs are going to help save over 50 lives.”

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