Stories You Loved: Natalie and Derrica Wilson Help Find the Missing

The Black and Missing Foundation helps find some of the thousands of African Americans who vanish each year

Photo: Shaul Schwarz

With news of three Colorado-based models gone missing, it’s a relief to hear that two women started their own foundation to help bring the abducted to safety.

Readers loved the story about Derrica Wilson and her sister-in-law, Natalie, who came together to found the Black and Missing Foundation, a non-profit geared toward helping minority families find missing loved ones.

By working closely with police, the media and the families themselves, they have helped locate more than 113 missing people – 71 of them alive.

The decision to start the foundation – which has been in existence since 2008 – came in 2004, when a young African-American woman named Tamika Huston vanished from her Spartanburg, S.C., apartment.

Following other abductions, the Wilsons decided to take charge, as Derrica explained, “It was painful watching them struggle for any kind of media coverage – local or national. This could have been one of my family members.”

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