The Kansas Highway Patrol says a vulture struck the driver of the vehicle in the head, causing them go off the road and into a barbed-wire fence

By Robyn Merrett
April 22, 2019 10:47 PM
Credit: Lynn Husband/Facebook

A couple from Kansas has tragically died in a motorcycle crash caused by a vulture.

On Saturday at around 3:15 p.m., Brandon Husband and his wife Jennifer were riding a motorcycle southeast on River Road when suddenly the bird flew out of a nearby ditch and struck Brandon, 43, in the head, according to Kansas Highway Patrol.

Brandon then swerved their Harley-Davidson off the road and into a barbed-wire fence, the Highway Patrol says.

The bike then overturned. Neither Brandon nor Jennifer were wearing a helmet during the crash.

Brandon was pronounced dead at the scene, The Wichita Eagle reports. Jennifer, who was known as Lynn by family and friends, was rushed to Wichita Hospital in critical condition. She died seven hours later, the outlet reported.

A GoFundMe page has since been created to help the family cover funeral costs.

“Please find it in your hearts to help and keep this family in your prayers,” family friend Michelle Dunbar wrote.

Brandon and Jennifer Husband
| Credit: Michelle Dunbar/Go Fund Me

At this time, the page has raised over $6,000.

Brandon is survived by his daughter Carrie Husband and Jennifer is survived by her three children Kadyn, Kenyan and Kambrey Weber, according to the couple’s obituary.

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According to the obituary, Brandon was an army veteran. He was a member of the 82nd Airborne Division and served one tour in Kosovo, three in Afghanistan and was a part of an Iraqi soldier training mission on the Iraq-Jordan border.

“Brandon enjoyed riding his bike and spending time with friends and family. According to his friends, he liked his music and he liked it loud! Despite his gruff exterior, he had a huge heart,” the obituary reads.

Brandon and Jennifer got married in 2016. They will be laid to rest at the end of the week.