June 12, 2017 12:44 PM

A North Carolina mother of three lost part of her arm in a shark attack while snorkeling in a shallow reef with her husband on the last stop of their cruise in the Bahamas last week.

“I wasn’t in pain, it just felt like I had bumped into something so I just casually turned to my right to look to see and that’s when I was face to face with the shark,” Tiffany Johnson told WSOV TV. “He had my whole arm in his mouth and he was just floating there, just staring at me.”

Tiffany, from Concord, North Carolina, struggled for a few minutes and was unable to pull her arm out. Her husband, James, tried to help after he first heard her scream.

“I kept trying to yank my hand back and the last time I yanked he had cut it clean off so I was able to actually get free,” she said. “I felt this tangible peace on me and it was so thick, that I was just calm,” Tiffany said.

After doctors in the Bahamas were able to stop the bleeding, the couple were stuck in the Bahamas because of  passport and customs issues.

According to the news outlet, a Medevac flight to Carolinas Medical Center would cost $16,000 out of pocket. Despite not knowing if insurance would pay for it, the Medevac company agreed to pick up the entire bill.

“I’ll have another chance,” said Tiffany, who will have another surgery on Friday to prepare her arm for a prosthetic. “I’m just so thankful. I’m thankful to be here.”

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