Mother Crochets All 4 'Golden Girls' for Obsessed Son: 'I Won't Be Sending Her to Shady Pines!'

David Goodwin says he won't be sending his mother to Shady Pines!

Photo: David Goodwin

Thank you for being a mom!

David Goodwin and his mother Mary have always been huge Golden Girls fans, often watching the popular sitcom together. “We were both Dorothys,” Goodwin says, referring to the smart, no-nonsense Dorothy Zbornak played by actress Bea Arthur.

So, his mother, 59, had the perfect idea for Goodwin’s Christmas present. And, in a month’s time, Mary crocheted dolls depicting Dorothy, Rose Nylund, Blanche Devereaux and Sophia Petrillo for her obsessed son.

David Goodwin

“I opened it up on Christmas day and I saw the Sophia doll first,” Goodwin tells PEOPLE. “I was like, ‘Are you kidding me? This is amazing!’ She said she made it and I said that’s even more amazing. It was just the most thoughtful, special gift I could’ve asked for.”

Goodwin says the gift marked his mother’s first time crocheting characters — she had only ever crocheted prayer shawls for her church.

The Golden Girls
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“I thought it was honestly the most thoughtful gift that I’ve ever gotten. It’s really the best gift I’ll ever get. Just knowing how much time and love that she put into it was really special to me. I’ll always cherish these crochet dolls.”

He says making the dolls proved to be very “stressful” for Mary, noting that his father told him everyone in the family “paid” for the gift “because [Mary] was so stressed while making it.”

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Goodwin tweeted a photo of the dolls and the post has been retweeted more than 9,000 times and has more than 20,000 shares on Facebook.

The proud son says he’s happy to see Mary’s work spread across the Internet.

“I won’t be sending her to Shady Pines anytime soon!” he quips.

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