A mother and son are now in critical condition after being trampled by a giraffe near their home in South Africa

By Robyn Merrett
September 06, 2018 08:57 PM
Credit: Katy Williams/Facebook

A mother and her three-year-old son were hospitalized after being trampled by a giraffe near their home in South Africa Monday.

Dr. Katy Williams, 35, and her son Finn were waiting for her husband and Finn’s father Dr. Sam Williams at Blyde Wildlife Estate in Limpopo, where they lived, when they were unexpectedly attacked by a female giraffe, according to the Independent.

ER24 EMS, an emergency medical service, confirmed Katy, who was born in America, and Finn were airlifted to Busamed Modderfontein Hospital. The mother and son “sustained numerous injuries” and are in critical but stable condition.

Katy and Finn were waiting for Sam at their usual family meeting spot when it is believed the female giraffe charged and trampled them as the animal had a calf with her and may have felt threatened.

Sam returned from his evening run and found the pair under attack. He was able to scare the giraffe off but his wife and son were gravely injured.

“Dr. Sam Williams managed to chase the giraffe away. Dr. Katy Williams and Finn were treated on the scene by Hoedspruit Medical Rescue as well as a medical doctor from Hoespruit, Dr. Victor Loftie-Eaton,” a spokesperson for the family explained in a statement obtained by the Sunday Times.

Dr. Katy Williams and her son Finn
| Credit: Katy Williams/Facebook

“The patients were transferred to a local airfield and the medical team worked relentlessly to stabilize mother and son while waiting for two helicopters to arrive from ER24,” the statement continued.

Blyde Wildlife Estate manager Riaan Cilliers also released a statement obtained by the Sunday Times saying, “We are all in shock about this very sad incident and we assure the family that they are in our prayers.”

Cilliers believes the giraffe’s attack could have been out of fear as she had a two-month-old calf with her.

According to the Independent, Finn underwent a brain operation Thursday and Katy was also operated on.

Their exact injuries are unclear at this time.

Both Katy and Sam are scientists with PhDs in animal-related fields, the Times reported.