The Park County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that the driver was "brought to safety with no major injuries"

Montana Woman Rescued After Her Car Is Found Upside-Down in Yellowstone River
The woman's overturned vehicle in the river
| Credit: Park County Sheriff's Office/Facebook

A Montana woman is lucky to be alive after she was found inside her overturned car in the Yellowstone River.

The Park County Sheriff's Office in Livingston confirmed the incident in a post on Facebook, explaining that the woman miraculously survived Thursday's ordeal without any major injuries.

"Due to some very quick and heroic work by Deputies, Highway Patrol and Paradise Valley Fire, the driver was rescued and brought to safety with no major injuries," they wrote in the post. "Outstanding work by all!"

According to the sheriff's office, authorities received a call just before noon, alerting them of a vehicle that was upside down in the river near mile marker 10 on East River Road.

Park County Sheriff Brad Bichler told The Independent Record that first responders arrived at the scene just 18 minutes after receiving the call and quickly jumped into action.

A deputy, who was anchored down by a rope held by two other first responders, reportedly went into the river and used a pick to break open the vehicle's back window, according to the outlet.

From there, the deputy was able to pull the woman from the submerged car, and both safely made their way back to shore, The Independent Record reported.

"It was thanks to some really quick and heroic work by our deputies, the Montana Highway Patrol and the volunteer from Paradise Valley Fire that this was a successful rescue rather than a recovery," Bichler explained to the outlet. "The water's obviously frigidly cold and fast-moving, and time was of the essence."

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In the wake of the rescue, the sheriff's office said East River Road was temporarily closed between Six Mile Creek and Murphy Lane "while we get things cleaned up," according to the post.

Bichler also told The Independent Record that the woman's vehicle was totaled in the crash and is expected to be retrieved by a wrecker.

At this time, it is unclear what caused the car to go into the river.

Montana Highway Patrol is currently investigating the cause of the incident, according to the local outlet.