Juliet Cannici
Erin Hill
February 17, 2017 11:02 AM

Double the fun!

Professional photographer Juliet Cannici, 35, and her wife Nikki Cannici, 34, of Massachusetts are parents to not just one, but two sets of adorable twins.

On Feb. 5, Juliet of West on Jade Photography, decided to turn the camera on her own family — and the results are beyond precious.

“The reaction to our photo was completely unexpected, and we are amazed to see it shared across the world,” Juliet tells PEOPLE.

“We think it is the complete joy and connection you see between our kids in the photo that made it go viral,” she continues. “Whatever it is, it is great to see our photo shared these days that shows nothing but love.”

Juliet and Nikki, who have been married for over 10 years, welcomed fraternal twins Nico and Siena via IVF (in vitro fertilization) using two embryos in 2014.

And they were surprised when they learned they were pregnant with twins again last year as just one embryo had been transferred during their second IVF attempt, Juliet says.

Identical sisters Gia and Gemma were born on Jan. 26.

While the first photo shows the older twins holding hands and all smiles, Juliet couldn’t help herself in sharing a second (more candid!) shot of the twins.

Juliet Cannici

“My failed attempt at the four kids, with my daughter’s especially ‘over it’ face!” Juliet says of the adorable photo.

She also shared a gorgeous shot of wife Nikki while she was pregnant.

“She is stunning,” says Juliet.

Juliet Cannici

The proud mom says she hopes her photo will shed a positive light on LGBT families.

“There is nothing more important out of any of this exposure than serving as a positive example for the LGBT community,” Juliet says. “I feel it is important for us to show our struggles, to show what we’ve fought for so many years for, and to now show our accomplishment (which is how I see my children).

“We have welcomed the messages from members of our community asking about our journey — we always will. It is a very hard path to go down without support, and we are happy to be that support for some.”

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