Georgia Mom Poses in Glamorous Maternity Shoot — at Taco Bell: I Wanted 'Something Spicier'

Kristin Johnston wanted to honor her favorite eatery in an extra special way

Photo: Courtesy Kristin Johnston

Kristin Johnston has long loved Taco Bell. So, when pregnancy cravings brought her and the popular restaurant even closer, she decided to honor the eatery in an extra special way.

“I felt inspired to have my maternity shoot at one of my favorite places, a place that I can turn to anytime I get a craving or just don’t have the energy to cook dinner — a place that many of us have a fondness for in our hearts — TACO BELL,” Johnston wrote in a post on her blog, Strollers and Stilettos, with a fitting title: Taco Belle Baby.

Johnston, 33, of Atlanta, Georgia, decided to hold her maternity photo shoot at a local Taco Bell, and unveiled the photos in the blog post.

Courtesy Kristin Johnston
Courtesy Kristin Johnston

In the shots, Johnston is shown posing in front of the restaurant, smiling for shots inside near the menu and even eating a meal at one of the tables. In her blog post, Johnston wrote that rather than doing a more traditional shoot, she wanted “something spicier.”

“Have you seen the most beautiful maternity photos on Pinterest? You know, the ones with the mom-to-be looking so glamorous and ethereal, standing majestically on a mountain in a flowing gown, or on the beach with an awe-inspiring sunset in the background?” she wrote.

“I guess you could say that I wanted something a little different, something spicier — and that showed me in my natural state.”

Courtesy Kristin Johnston
Courtesy Kristin Johnston

Johnston told Cosmopolitan that she did not ask permission to use the local Taco Bell as scenery for her photo shoot, but said that employees were very helpful and accommodating.

“There were hundreds of people who drove by and saw us out front,” Johnston told the magazine. “We got some strange looks, but mostly everyone laughed and gave us a thumbs up as they drove past!”

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Johnston gave birth to her “Taco Belle Baby” earlier this month and named her baby boy, Teddy — she said she stopped by Taco Bell on her way home from the hospital.

As for her husband, Johnston said he loved the photos just as much as everyone else did.

“He can’t wait to get one in a frame for his desk at work when he returns from paternity leave,” she told Cosmopolitan.

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