Mom, Whose Police Officer Son Died, Breaks Down in Tears Over Build-A-Bear Featuring His Voice

At the time of his death, Sean Tanner was working as a police officer with the China Lake Police Department in Ridgecrest, California

Photo: Holland Lyons

Less than three months after 21-year-old California police officer Sean Tanner died, his heartbroken parents received a touching Christmas gift that left Tanner’s mother in tears.

His older sister, Brittany Garcia, posted a video on Twitter — which has since been liked by more than 352,000 people — showing the mourning mother opening up the gift.

“My little brother died in the beginning of October,” she wrote. “For Christmas I got my parents a build a bear in a police uniform (he was a cop) with his voice.”

His mom, Sarah Tanner, is seen opening up the box, but as soon as she hears Sean’s voice, she begins to cry uncontrollably.

According to The Daily Independent, Sean died on Oct. 8, 2018, at Ridgecrest Regional Hospital. He had always wanted to be a first responder.

“It’s one of the first things he said when he began talking. Sean didn’t get into dinosaurs, cars, drawing or sports,” read part of his obituary. “He didn’t play with Tonka trucks or animals. Literally every single toy he played with was a Rescue Hero, or some variation. Every movie was Rescue Heroes. He didn’t have a favorite Disney movie; he had no interest. He was outside exploring, running, riding or playing with his Rescue Heroes.”

At the time of his death, Sean was working as a police officer with China Lake Police Department as well as an on-call firefighter for the San Bernardino County Fire Department.

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