This mom of three thought she was going to have a baby girl

By Claudia Harmata
May 02, 2019 03:29 PM
Credit: Lauren Jolly Photography

It’s a … boy?

Nancy Ray and her husband, Will Ray, were ready to welcome their third baby girl into the world. But when Nancy went to hold her newborn for the first time after giving birth, she found out that the baby she was told was going to be a girl was instead a boy!

Thankfully, photographer Lauren Jolly Thomas was there to capture the incredible moment of surprise when both Nancy and Will found out they actually had a newborn son. Nancy’s face is one of total shock, while Will checks just one more time to be sure.

“I will forever advocate for birth photography because this is one of my very favorite photos of all time. Thank you @laurenjollyphoto !! 💕” Nancy wrote in a post on her Instagram. After finding out the photo was going viral, the now mom-of-three shared her pregnancy details in a long post alongside the photo, relaying the epic story of meeting their newborn son.

Credit: Lauren Jolly Photography

After being surprised by the sex during the birth of their first two daughters, Nancy explained, Will insisted they know ahead of time for their third child, wanting to mentally prepare for the possibility of becoming a father to three daughters.

“June 9: You’re having your third girl!” she documents in the post.

Credit: Lauren Jolly Photography

She was due on December 10 and headed to her birth center on December 13, after her husband had contracted two different strains of the flu the day before, and she had caught a stomach bug.

“December 13: I drive to the birth center with intense contractions with my mom at 11am and meet my hubby there (he spent the night at his moms because #flu),” Nancy explains. “Two hours later, my baby was born with me halfway in the tub! 15 minutes later, we went to cut the chord and I said… ‘WHAT IS THAT?!? Is this a boy baby!!?’ Indeed, it was a boy! 🤣💙 My husband @willrray quickly lifted his leg to check and then proceeded to literally fall on the floor. (The picture…is him checking!)”

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Now nearly four months later, Nancy shared with her followers that being a mom to a baby boy has given her all the feels.

“Literally cannot get enough of my little sidekick. His thigh rolls are legit and he’s been belly laughing since 6 weeks,” she shared on Instagram. “Being a boy mom has me all 😍😭🙌🏻.”