Colorado Mom Adopts 1-Year-Old Child After Learning She Was Fostering Son's Biological Sibling

"I just felt the best I could give him are his family and siblings that he identifies and feels connected to," Katie Page said

Katie Page (center) with Grayson (left) and Hannah Page. Photo: Ashley Creative Co.

After a Colorado mother learned that her two adopted children, whom she discovered to be siblings, had a third biological brother in need of a home, she immediately set out to make him a part of the family.

Katie Page, of Parker, Colorado, first went viral in 2019 after finding out that the little girl she was then fostering, named Hannah, shared the same biological mother as her son Grayson, whom she adopted in 2017.

Two years after Page officially adopted the little girl, she heard about 1-year-old Jackson, the biological sibling of Hannah, 3, and Grayson, 4. "The minute I held him, I was so overjoyed," Page told Good Morning America of meeting Jackson. "I said, 'This is their brother, this is their family.' "

Page adopted Grayson in May 2017 and nearly a month later, she received a call about Hannah, who was in need of a foster home. Page immediately took Hannah in and quickly recognized some similarities between the children.

“There were features on the babies that were very similar. They both have a chin dimple and the other feature is one that only a mama would see because it’s covered by their diaper!” Page told PEOPLE last year.

Page believed the babies came from different mothers, as the biological mother had listed different last names when placing the babies for adoption. No one at the adoption agency suspected the babies were siblings either.

Page, a single mother, said her family and friends were in disbelief when she brought up the possibility. She began to unfold the mystery and eventually learned that Hannah and Grayson did have the same mother. Page confirmed the news with a DNA test, and said the kids being related made it easier for her to officially adopt Hannah in December 2018.

Page recently told GMA it was a similar situation when she first learned about Jackson, whose biological mother "gave false information again and he was going to go with another foster family, until the caseworker stepped in."

"When Jackson came along I just felt the best I could give him are his family and siblings that he identifies and feels connected to," Page said.

On June 25, Page was finally able to adopt Jackson. According to GMA, Jackson's adoption ceremony was held over video teleconference, with over 30 loved ones in attendance.

Also on the call were Kaci and Dustin Whitney, who are the adopted parents of Taylor and EadyGrace, the older sisters of Grayson, Hannah and Jackson.

Last month, all of the siblings had a chance to meet during a beach trip to Florida.

"THIS was a dream my heart desired long before I knew these girls existed. I cried and mourned the day I adopted Grayson with the heavy weight on my heart that all I would be able to tell him was that he was abandoned just hours after birth and that I knew really nothing else about his family," Page captioned a photo of all the siblings together on Instagram.

"Today, THIS is Us 🥰," she continued. "Three sisters and a brother now sit beside and will grow up with him. He has more love and family members that love him than I ever dreamed possible. "

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