Russian 'Vogue' Model Shares Shocking Photos of Her Battered Face After Alleged Assault by Boyfriend

Gucci model Kira Dice shared photos of her battered face after an alleged assault by boyfriend in hopes of raising awareness about domestic violence

Photo: Kira Dice/Facebook


Kira Dice, a popular model who has appeared on Vogue Russia and worked with Gucci, is opening up about allegedly being attacked by her boyfriend in order to raise awareness on the severity of domestic violence.

On Sunday, Dice, 23, shared a number of photos of her brutally battered face along with a post detailing the alleged assault, which she claims took place on June 30th of this year.

On the day of the alleged attack, Dice, who also goes by the name Kira Fox, claims she was preparing for a modeling job in China when her boyfriend attacked her in her home in Moscow.

PEOPLE has not been able to confirm the allegations with local authorities or received a response from the model’s former boyfriend.

“He threw a chair at me then brutally beat me up,” Dice wrote on Facebook, which has been translated from Russian.

Kira Dice. Kira Dice/Facebook
Kira Dice. Kira Dice/Facebook

“He tore off my underpants trying to rape my battered body with his fingers. After that, he stuffed a banknote in my mouth forcing me to chew it,” Dice alleged.

“He smashed furniture in my apartment shouting at me and calling me a whore.”

Due to the severity of the alleged assault, Dice claims she was knocked unconscious and her boyfriend was forced to call an ambulance after neighbors started knocking on her door.

Kira Dice. Kira Dice/Facebook

Dice then claims police arrived on the scene and she was taken to a nearby hospital and treated for a concussion.

Following the alleged attack, Dice explained she got back together with her boyfriend and they continued to date for two months.

During that time the young model claims he begged her not to file a police report. However, last week, the couple broke up. As for why she kept silent for so long, Dice claims she feared for her life.

Kira Dice. Kira Dice/Facebook

Concluding the post, Dice wrote, “I ask you not to be indifferent to domestic violence.”

Since opening up about her experience, the comment section of Dice’s post has been flooded with encouraging words and support.

The model has continued to spread awareness of domestic violence on Facebook and her Instagram account.

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