October 05, 2015 10:50 AM

The El Faro cargo ship missing since Thursday with 33 crewman aboard sank, according to the Coast Guard.

They’re now focusing on any signs of survivors.

On Monday, it was revealed that searchers found life rafts and survival suits, including the human remains of one person on board, according to Coast Guard Capt. Mark Fedor, who added that the body, found inside a survival suit, was unidentifiable.

Over the weekend, debris from the ship, which had 28 Americans on board, was discovered by crews, reports NBC News. The 225-square-mile debris field consisted of an oil slick, wood, cargo, life jackets and life rings.

The ship, which was loaded with cars, trucks and trailers, was traveling from Jacksonville, Florida, to San Juan, Puerto Rico, in the midst of Hurricane Joaquin. The 790-foot El Faro was battered by 20- to 30-foot waves as Joaquin was a Category 4 storm.

According to ABC, the ship sent a distress signal at 7:20 a.m. on Thursday saying it had lost electricity. It was taking on water and listing at 15 degrees. Tote Maritime, the company that owns the ship, told ABC that the captain, Michael Davidson, was aware of Hurricane Joaquin’s path.

William Chapman, who chairs the Rockport selectmen in Maine, told The Boston Herald that he s worried sick for the family of the missing crew member from his town. At least four Mainers were aboard the cargo ship.

“The heart of the town goes out to them and hope that maybe a miracle occurs and they’ll turn up safe,” he said. “We just hope the family can pull through this. If they need help, we hope they can reach out…because there are a lot of people who are willing to help.”

Steven Shultz, 51, was named by his family as among the missing, according to WBBH. Shultz’s mother told the news outlet that she believes her son, a Merchant Marine for 30 years, is alive along with the rest of the crew, but is concerned that supplies are running low.

Terri Davis, whose husband Larry was on the ship, told ABC: “I am very hopeful, and until they find a reason for me not to be, I am going to remain hopeful.”

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