15-Year-Old Minn. Boy Dies After Being Run Over by a Tractor: 'He Was a Beautiful Soul'

The young boy's father said that his son "meant the world to everyone"

Alaric Lamke

A 15-year-old teen boy from Minnesota was killed on Friday after he was run over by a tractor, according to authorities.

Alaric Lamke was helping to move a tree across a property in Clinton Township before the sheriff's office got a call at 6:30 p.m. local time, according to a press release from the St. Louis County Sheriff's Office.

The teenager and his father were standing in the bucket of a Bobcat T300, which was being driven by the other individual, when Alaric fell out of the bucket and was run over by the tractor, the release said. He was declared dead at the scene, despite life-saving efforts made by first responders.

The incident remains under investigation by the sheriff's office.

A GoFundMe page has been established to help Alaric's family with medical bills and funeral expenses and was set up by his hockey coach, Jeffery Hunt.

A post on the crowdfunding site shares that the town "lost a young soul with the most amazing smile."

"He touched so many lives in a short period of time," the statement continues. "He was set to start 10th grade at Virginia High School in Virginia MN."

"Alaric loved the sport of hockey and couldn't wait to go back to Lake Placid NY to defend the Gold Medal he and his team won a year ago," the GoFundMe page states. "Alaric was also an avid baseball player and loved to ride and build dirt bikes. Everyone that has met Alaric has a story to tell. He was confident, he had spark and he had that smile that anyone that knew Alaric will never forget."

Eric Lamke, Alaric's father, spoke with ABC affiliate station WDIO, and told the outlet that he "would love to have one more day with that kid."

"He had such a passion for life, and it was cut short in such a tragic way," Eric added. "He meant the world to everyone."

According to the outlet, a slew of his team members spoke very highly of their friend, and one told them, "He was the best kid I've ever met. If there was anything wrong, he was there to help you, just like that."

Another added, "He would always talk about who he was going to hit in practice. And then he never did. He was the team goon."

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