The jet-setting "Bucket List Family" has recently returned home to Provo, Utah, for a two-month stay and their biggest adventure yet: the birth of baby No. 3
Credit: Courtesy Garret and Jessica Gee

After visiting 50 countries in 2 1/2 years, the jet-setting “Bucket List Family” has recently returned home to Provo, Utah, for a two-month stay and their biggest adventure yet: the birth of baby No. 3, a boy named Cali, due sometime next week.

“We’re so excited to meet him,” says Garret Gee, 30, a former high-tech entrepreneur, who sold his mobile scanning app to Snapchat for $54 million as a college student in 2015, leading him and his wife Jessica, 32, to hold a yard sale to unload everything they owned and travel the world with Dorothy, now 5, and Manilla, 3.

“We’ll wait a few weeks to see how baby Cali and Jessica are recovering,” he tells PEOPLE exclusively, “but then we’ll continue our travels around the world. We’re going to start with Brazil, Peru, Ecuador and Costa Rica, then head over to Africa, as we continue to celebrate a big milestone: This week marks our 100th week of full-time travel as a family.”

Credit: Courtesy Garret and Jessica Gee

The Gees, who recently reached 1 million followers on Instagram and have several million more frequent flier miles, now have the art of packing their overnight bags down to a science. They’ve also become skilled travel bloggers, sharing stories and photos on their website and Instagram. A page recently started for Cali has already grown to more than 70k followers.

“It’s not easy traveling with young children,” Jessica tells PEOPLE, “and there were many times when we wanted to give up and return to the comforts of our hometown. It was extra hard in the beginning, so now wherever we go, it’s important to keep some consistency in our daily routine. Even though the kids wake up in a different country each week, they know their daily schedule will be somewhat familiar and consistent.”

Traveling with a newborn will present more than a few challenges, but after more than 180 flights, “we’re ready,” she says. “World travels are full of ups and downs. On our last day in South Africa, we got robbed when we were packing our luggage into our rental car and somebody smashed out the back window and stole our luggage with all our clothes.”

Thankfully, moments like those are outweighed by joyful times: diving with sperm whales in Dominica, taking yoga classes in Bali, grocery shopping in Paris, flying kites in Thailand and sleeping in an Irish castle.

“Sometimes, the most memorable adventures are the simple joys,” Garrett tells PEOPLE. “Dorothy and Manilla attended their first day of school in an orphanage in Bali, and their second time attending school was in South Korea. We try to put the kids in school wherever we can.”

When homesickness takes hold, the Gees fly in family or friends to visit them wherever they might be, and they always make a point of returning home to Utah every Christmas.

“That’s the hardest part — missing family,” admits Jessica, “so in 2018, we’re hoping to find a healthy balance. Our family goal is to find a place to call home base.”

That doesn’t mean, though, that the house will be filled with noisy laughter for more than a few weeks each year.

“Travel will always be a big part of our lives,” she says, “but it will be nice to have a small home with walls so that we can start framing all of these treasured family photos.”